We have our head office in Portugal (Lousada, Porto, north of Portugal) and 3 other units in Morocco (Tânger, Meknès and Fez, north of Morocco), in order to guarantee a faster and more efficient way to respond the needs of our costumers. 

In Portugal we have about 800/900 people distributed by the company different factories allowing an efficient specialization of tasks. In Morocco we have about 1000 employees with knowledge and capacity to work in several market segments


Ensure high specialization of the groups units, always ensuring full compliance with customer requirements. To continuously update and optimize resources, therefore enhancing global market competitiveness.


To be a comprehensive, integrated and highly competitive team, which recognizes the international fashion trends and timely identifies the needs of its customers.


We value and promote the partnership with our customers and suppliers. ACCURACY, EXCELLENCE and INNOVATION in everything we do is our commitment, and allows us to maintain our long lasting partnerships.


Over the past years we have continuously improved the organizational framework of our company.

Today we have a well organized team working in our head office articulating the various specialized departments and all our units to respond the needs of our costumers.